What is time? What is velocity?
Of course every physicist could explain, but how does that relate to human perception?
Why does an hour pass by so slowly when we are sitting in a restaurant hungryly awaiting our food and why is it so short when we are in a pleasant company?
Even though our tool of reference ( the ceasium atom ) has vibrated 33093474372000 times in both cases.
My intention is to shed light upon the discrepancy between objective and subjective perception. The movie shows a journey between two airports, taken at a speed of almost 1000 km/h.
Objectively speaking, it shows the fastest mode of travel between these two points in human history. For subjective human perception however, an unbearably long ordeal. The images mirror reality: no cuts, no manipulation - only an accurate portrayal of the flight. The audience is bound to be misled by its own viewing habits.

To synchronise the subjective human impression with the reality of the flight, all the flight documentation is part of the installation.

Translation:Tony Clark